General terms and conditions of the Stadt Lörrach

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The admission of the children takes place within the framework of a care contract under private law. The effectiveness of the care contract is subject to the condition precedent that the school child is assigned a care place by means of an admission confirmation. The conclusion of this contract therefore does not grant any entitlement to the allocation of a childcare place.

Pupils from the respective elementary school are admitted to the groups. Admission is subject to availability of places. Priority is given to children of single parents and working parents. There is no legal entitlement to admission. Pupils are admitted at the beginning of each school year. If a place becomes available during the course of the school year, it can be filled.


Applications for the upcoming school year 2022/2023 can be made between April 19, 2022 and June 20, 2022 exclusively onlinevia the SKIB portal. A later registration is only possible in exceptional cases, directly with the school childcare provider.

In principle, care times must be booked for at least two different days of the week. The childcare times must be booked in such a way that they start directly after the lessons.

A gap between the end of lessons and the start of childcare as well as an interruption of the childcare time in the afternoon for other activities (e.g. clubs, courses or individual lessons) is not possible. This does not apply to group activities offered by cooperation partners.

Changes to the childcare hours can be made after consultation with the respective school childcare provider, within the framework of the available capacities, until September 30, 2022 at the latest. After this date, changes are only possible under certain conditions.

Term of contract / termination in special cases

The childcare contract runs for one school year. In cases of hardship, the sponsor must be consulted (e.g. relocation, unemployment). In these cases, the contract can be terminated at the end of the following month.

The care contract can be terminated for good cause by the provider without notice.

An important reason exists in particular in the following cases:

  • in the case of arrears in payment of the contribution after the expiry of the period of the 3rd reminder that has been issued
  • if children do not fit into the order of care and show behavioral problems that exceed the scope and possibilities of pedagogical care, cause a considerable burden or endanger other children in the case of false income information
  • in case of repeated failure to comply with the obligations set for the legal guardians in these general conditions, despite a written reminder.

Termination must be in writing in all cases.

Establishment of groups

If applications are received, the establishment of a group must be approved by the City of Lörrach in consultation with the school childcare provider. For half-day children, a care window of 7 am - 1 pm is offered, for full-day children from 7 am - 5 pm. This will be guaranteed from the 2018/2019 school year, regardless of group size. At half-day schools, a group size of 8 children is required outside of the guaranteed window.

Space Limitation

Due to the space situation at half-day schools, only limited spaces can be allocated in afternoon care. These are per day at the:

  • Eichendorffschule a total of 20 places
  • Astrid-Lindgren-Grundschule a total of 35 places
  • Hebelschule a total of 65 places.

Childcare hours

There is no entitlement to childcare on days when there are no classes. On the last school day before the summer vacations and before the Christmas vacations, there is no after-school care. Care is only provided during the booked time slots. Children must be picked up on time. In case of a violation, additional care fees of 25 € per 30 minutes or part thereof will be charged. Children who are allowed to go home alone will be sent home at the end of the booked care time.

Lesson cancellations are not compensated for by the childcare hours.

Emergency situation/provision of services in case of illness

Closure of groups is possible for operational reasons, especially in cases of force majeure, short-term absence of pedagogical staff due to illness or strike-related work stoppage.

The institution tries to provide substitutes for sickness to the best of its knowledge and belief. In emergency situations, however, care may not be guaranteed. In these cases, parents will be informed as soon as possible and asked to find alternative care for this time. We ask for your understanding.

The amount of the parental contribution to be paid will not be reduced as a result.


The supervision obligation for the provider begins with the takeover of the students by the staff at the school and ends with the farewell at the end of the care time. Accident insurance coverage extends to the care time and the route between the care location and the school. Therefore, all accidents that occur on the way to and from school childcare and result in medical treatment must be reported in writing to the management of school childcare no later than the following day. The benefits of the statutory accident insurance apply exclusively to personal injuries. Liability is excluded if clothes, toys or valuables are lost or damaged. Parents can also be held liable for arbitrary damage or damage caused by carelessness. Therefore, the conclusion of a private liability insurance is strongly recommended.

Information on income

This information will be verified on a random basis. In the event of incorrect information, the parental contributions will be recalculated for the past period. Incorrect information will also lead to immediate termination of the childcare contract. Changes of any kind are to be reported in time so that the fee can be reassessed if necessary.

Reduction scheme

For all income groups, the parental contribution is reduced by:

  • 50 % for the 2nd child in the school childcare program
  • 100 % from the 3rd child in school child care
  • 25 % for the first child in school childcare if there is another child in a fee-paying public daycare facility.

Furthermore, there is the possibility for benefit recipients and socially disadvantaged families to receive a further reduction upon application and presentation of evidence.

The application is made in person at the City of Lörrach.


The fees are due on the 15th of each month. A direct debit authorization must be submitted with the application. Payment is made for the months of September to July of a school year. Costs for non-redeemable direct debits will be charged to the account holder.

Late payments will be charged with 5 € from the 2nd payment reminder and with 7 € additional reminder costs for the 3rd payment reminder. After unsuccessful 3rd payment reminder, the contract will be terminated by the carrier without notice.

Since the carriers work with different booking systems, invoices are sent either in electronic form monthly by e-mail in PDF format or once per school year by mail.

Measles protection

There is a general measles vaccination requirement for all registered children and school childcare staff.

School and kindergarten children should be effectively protected from measles. This is the aim of the Measles Protection Act, which came into force on March 1, 2020. The law stipulates that all children attending community facilities under Section 33 IfSG must have sufficient vaccination protection or immunity against measles

(§ 20 paragraph 8 et seq. IfSG).Persons for whom sufficient proof of measles protection is not presented may not work or be cared for at Childcare Lörrach. Persons who cannot be vaccinated due to a medical contraindication (counter-indication) and who present an appropriate medical certificate are exempt from this regulation (§ 20 paragraph 8 sentence 4 IfSG).

The proof must be provided to the school management for school attendance. Without this proof, attendance at school childcare is not permitted.

Area of application

The childcare contract ends at the time specified in the registration (usually at the end of the school year).

Effective date

With the registration the terms of contract are accepted.