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Welcome to SKiB from Stadt Lörrach

The City of Lörrach supports a qualitative and quantitative well developed care system for school children with many hundred thousand euros a year. The common goal is to support parents in their work - family balance and to provide children with time and space for social learning as well as play and support in school matters.

School childcare fee reduction

School childcare fee can be reduced for parents or legal guardians of all income groups by the registration as followed:

  • 50 % fee reduction for a sibling / second child registered for the school childcare
  • 100% fee reduction for the sibling / third child registered for the school childcare
  • 25% fee reduction for the first child registered in the school childcare, if there is at least one child in a family who attends a public kindergarten / day care center.

Families with low income (e.g. unemployees) or socially disadvantaged families have an option for further fee reduction for school childcare upon request by the City of Lörrach. Please use contact information below to become a personal consultation:

Application and information:

  • Herr Dieterle -- 07621/415-310 --
  • Frau Stotz -- 07621/415-441 --

School childcare guarantee

School childcare is guaranteed for half-day school children from 7:00 a.m. till 13:00 and for full-day school children from 7:00 a.m. till 17:00 regardless of the group-size. At half-day schools outside the guaranteed time window a group size of 8 children is required.

Fee-calculation based on parents or legal guardians income

The school childcare fees calculation based on the gross household income (salary, earnings, child benefits, support payments, supplementary state benefits and other incomes).


You can get lunch information from the school secretary. Families with low incomes (e.g. unemployed persons, asylums) can apply by Job Center or Landratsamt for an education support package– Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket (BUT) - to get free school lunches for their schoolchild/schoolchildren.

School holidays

Holiday programs are offered by different institutions outside the schools for all children in Lörrach. For the further information see the link below:

For the following schools you can book the school child care online here.

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Supervising organizations

SAK Lörrach e.V.
Contact person: Jasmin Leber
Telephone: +49 7621 9279 0
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Contact person: Sabine Pfeil
Telephone: +49 7621 89420
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Gemeindekindergarten Brombach
Contact person: Michaela Sütterlin
Telephone: 07621/591854
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